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Update, Winter 2012
Greetings "FANS" (Friends and Neighbors in Support) of the North Fork Rancheria resort project!

Have You Received This Mailer?

Recently, opponents of the North Fork Rancheria's resort project have been sending out negative attack flyers, including this recent mailer. However, we can take advantage of this. We again ask for the help of our community friends and neighbors to overcome these last-minute obstacles and allow us to finish the political process that has been underway for years.

Let's use the mailer to send a word to Governor Jerry Brown - that you SUPPORT GOOD JOBS for Madera County, and that our community desperately needs the economic benefits that would accompany our project.
Just take the mailer and follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Change the Address and cross out the Permit Number and Postage Paid wording
Remember, this particular postage permit and P.O. box will go to our opponents, but we want to make sure that our message goes straight to Governor Brown instead!
Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

STEP 2: Put a stamp on it
If you like, feel free to put the mailer in a mailing envelope instead.

STEP 3: Turn the mailer over
Replace "Oppose" with "Support," and replace "Reject" with "Approve."

STEP 4: Put it in the mail!
Holiday Greetings to all! As we end the year, we give thanks to all of our friends and neighbors for their unflagging support, and send you best wishes for the new year. May 2012 bring the fulfillment of all of our dreams and wishes.

Drawing and economic data preliminary and subject to change
The North Fork Rancheria Resort Project

Proud Promoters of Madera County and the San Joaquin Valley
  • 4,500+ jobs
  • $5 million a year in public funding
  • $45-50 million a year in vendor purchases
  • $100 million a year in economic benefits
  • Environmentally sound development

  • Governor's concurrencewith your prompting…Governor Brown agrees to concur with the recent favorable decision by the DOI
  • Record of Decision, Land into trustThe DOI signs off on the environmental review process and agrees to take the project site land into trust, establishing it as formal 'Indian land'
  • Ratification of compact once the land is in trust, the state legislature will consider ratification of the compact (which the previous Governor has already signed)
Click here to access our sample support letter, which you can forward to Governor Brown or local politicians, to help us move our project forward. Remember, the Madera Casino will benefit all of Madera County through new jobs, increased tourism, and greater tax revenue for the county.
Support Madera Casino. We need your help - Act now!
The Madera casino is almost a reality but last minute opposition is trying to stall the project. Join nearly 5,000 other citizens in helping bring jobs, growth, and community funding to Madera and the San Joaquin Valley. Here's how:
STEP 1: "Like" us on Facebook - Support Madera Casino
Click on the link below and "Like" us.
Our Facebook Page

STEP 2: Complete an Online Support Form
Click on the link below - If you have already signed a form, please ask your friends and family to join us!
Sign our Support Form!
STEP 3: Email Governor Brown – Ask him to Approve the North Fork Casino
Click on the link below, add your contact info, select “OTHER” as subject, click submit – a comment box will appear. You can also phone (916) 445-2841 or mail a letter (find sample letters and messages on our web site).
Email Governor Jerry Brown

Please take action today! Thank you.
The Tribal Council of the North Fork Rancheria

For more information, contact Charles Banks-Altekruse at or (510) 913-3669

Opponents Try to Stall, Derail Project...With Your Help, We Will All Win

Department of the Interior (DOI) Makes a Favorable Decision on the Madera Casino

Profiles of Two New Tribal Council Members

Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up

For more information about the North Fork Tribe and project, please visit:, or call us at (559) 877-2461.
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